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to enable your

best team!

Are you interested in a Wellness Retreat? Join us!

REBUILDU, powered by MFactor Meetings, builds custom
corporate wellness programs for your teams!

Welcome to RebuildU, we’re a corporate health and happiness team, and we’re dedicated to bringing wellness into the workplace and guiding individuals on transformative journeys toward greater health, wellness, and personal growth. Founded on the principles of nurturing mind, body, and spirit, our mission is to empower individuals to cultivate sustainable well-being, resilience, and vitality in their lives.

Through curated corporate wellness programs, we can help encourage your employees to take care of themselves, their teams, your clients, and your company. We have a passion for living our best life and want to provide the same to our clients so your company can thrive!

At RebuildU, our mission is to provide immersive wellness experiences that inspire, rejuvenate, and empower individuals to thrive. We believe in the power of holistic approaches to wellness, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Through our retreats, events, and workshops, we aim to cultivate a supportive community where individuals can explore, learn, and evolve on their path to optimal health and happiness.

What’s in it for U?

Increase productivity
Cultivate healthy habits that stick
Manage stress and minimize burnout
Boost employee engagement, loyalty, and job satisfaction
Optimize human resource investments – lower health insurance claims
Create an inspiring corporate culture – your team will be its’ BEST!

Ways U can integrate!

  • Integrated Custom Wellness Programs

  • Live Events

  • Virtual Events

  • Leadership Forums

  • Executive Retreats

  • High-Level Customer Events

How do U get started?

1    Determine your goals

2   Team meeting with REBUILDU

3   REBUILDU comes back with a plan

4   Implement the program

5   Re-evaluate the program

6   Celebrate success!

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